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Sensible - Daisy Burton (2018)


Jess is living proof that one e-mail can turn your life and thoughts upside down. When you are confined in your little world and everything is as boring as usual, when you are almost free from your marriage and you don't have any plans, the internet back in 1995 is an exciting new world. Living with her soon-to-be ex-husband Adam, "Sensible Jess" starts to explore online - first for the band she is working for, and then for her own curiosity. Her internet adventure starts with Sam, which involves lots of passion, mixed emotions and risk. Will her quest to find true love and someone who really cares succeed and where will it take her? What will her best friend Sallie think about her cyber-love, and about her travelling to meet them?
The story questions how much courage and desire do we have for finding love, and how much risk can we stand. Jess is a real example of not giving up, she's a strong and beautiful character who I really enjoyed following from page to page. What I adored the most is the ending. (MH)



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