Seattle Girl - Lucy Kevin (2011)

At first glance, Georgia Fulton is your typical college student. Nothing about her really stands out. One night at a frat party, she meets a guy named Bill after he spills his beer all over her. They begin talking and he invites her to join him on his talk radio show. Now Georgia feels like she has a purpose, a sense of direction for her life. However, this book isn't all about her struggle to succeed in the radio industry - it is more about Georgia's experiences with trying to find true love and the losers she encounters along the way. I enjoyed observing Georgia's attempts to find The One and there are many. The best part is how she took her experiences and used them on her radio show, Seattle Girl, with snarky sarcasm and humour. Overall, this story is good, filled with characters you can easily relate to and care for. I recommend it if you are looking for something a little bit different, featuring a strong character who knows what she wants and isn't willing to settle for anything less. (SH)

Seattle Girl by Lucy Kevin is about love, dating and a girl with a big mouth. The summary says: "The first time Georgia Fulton gets behind a microphone at her college radio station (because of a guy, of course...), she's hooked. (Who would have thought she'd ever find a potential job where a boss would appreciate her big mouth?) But being a smart-mouth doesn't necessarily keep her from getting hurt by one smoking hot jerk after another. With help from her friends - and loyal listeners - will Georgia finally figure out the real deal about guys, sex, love ... and maybe even herself?" Kevin is also the author of Sparks Fly and Falling Fast.

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