Sasha Blake is the pen-name of author Anna Maxted

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Betrayal (2009)

Sex and scandal are the two crucial ingredients in a glamorous bonkbuster. And Betrayal is exactly that - it centres around the Kent family, telling their story from 1996-2005. Emily, the youngest daughter, manages at 16 to get herself pregnant to an English earl's son Tim. Claudia is the oldest daughter who the Kents adopted when she was five. All she has ever wanted is to be loved for who she is and not for what her last name entails. When she finally meets Martin, the man of her dreams, she is ecstatic but is Martin all he seems or is he hiding a dark secret? Nathan Kent is the black sheep of the family. He was adopted out by the Kents when he was a child and now has returned from the shadows with one goal in mind - to take revenge on the Kents, especially Claudia and their parents. Head of the family Jack Kent had ground his business to near-bankruptcy but is on his way back up. Unfortunately he has a little scandal of his own happening - a sordid affair with a hotel maid. For matriarch Innocence Ashford, she is anything but innocent. She has always felt looked upon as just being Jack's wife but now she is ready to claim what is hers. Can she find a way to overthrow Jack without ruining the Kent name? (PP)

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