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Tell Me Everything (2006)

Life changed for Molly Drayton the day she confided in her biology teacher about her father's behaviour, embellishing the truth. That's when she started realising the power of her stories, and began making up events that didn't exist in her mundane life. Throughout this entire story, it's hard to grasp what's true and what's not, because everything seems to be concocted by Molly. Following her father's disappearance and her mother wanting nothing to do with her, Molly soon meets Mr Roberts who offers her a place to stay in exchange for her help at his shop. As the story develops, more new characters come into the picture. Molly starts to develop a friendship with a woman named Miranda, who works at a nearby salon, and gets to know Liz, a librarian who offers her recommendations for romance novels. Portrayed as another mysterious character, her boyfriend Tim is said to be working as a secret agent and meets her regularly at the same bench in the park. Molly continues to tell tall tales about herself and her past to the people around her, but it is all just an act to shield her vulnerable side. This is an intriguing tale of how a woman becomes so lost in her own world of deceit. But I wished the ending offered a better closure to Molly's stories. (XT)

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