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The Wedding Bees (2013)

Sugar Wallace never stays in one place for more than a year; with her hive of bees guiding her to the next destination the unexpected friendships formed are enough to make Sugar's life complete - at least that's what she thought. With her new home in Flores Street, Alphabet City, perfect for raising bees and honey making, Sugar's encounter with two strangers brings her past to the present and the possibility of hope, love and promise of happily ever after. As the residents of the apartment building develop an affection for Sugar and her honey, the sequence of events which follow brings with it the true meaning that manners are free and have a far greater reach than we humanly thought - especially in finding out who you are as a person. Even though Sugar Wallace never once thought she would find true love again, by following her bees she may have met her final destination where love is bountiful. A Southerner with a passion for bees and good manners, following the path of doing the best she can for others has always taken precedent. It's the friendships formed in Flores Street, which teaches Sugar that sometimes, she too, needs to be taken care of and guided. The Wedding Bees is a truly delightful novel in which one is eager for the story to unfold and yet as a reader, hesitant to turn the page in case the story ends. The characters are lively and addictive, the scenes beautiful and mesmerising. As with all happily-ever-after stories, there is sadness and secrets. Once shared, the burden of these secrets seem insignificant compared to what was once held within. George, the volunteer doorman, is exquisite in his role of protector and helper. His wealth of wisdom is profound. When met with the challenge of opening Sugar's heart to love, his sincerity is paramount to the underlying story. It is he who enables Sugar to take the next step in placing her heart in the hands of the man she truly loves. As each of the characters are woven within the walls of the apartment complex, there are surprises, curiosity and of course friendship and manners. This was a pleasure to read and highly recommended! (MP)

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