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Sleepless Nights (2008)

The story of Quinn, a British lawyer living in New York, continues after baby Samuel arrives. Wondering how she's ever going to slip back into the fast-paced world of being a lawyer, Q instead decides to slip out of the city and stay at a friend's holiday home in Connecticut. She hopes this will give her and husband Tom the space to consider their future options. If only Samuel would stop crying! Also arriving on the scene is Q's younger sister Jeanie, who has just finished her social work degree and now needs to join the real world. Even though this is a sequel to Bed Rest, you don't need to read that title first. In fact, this one, with its alternating viewpoints from the two sisters, is actually better.

Bed Rest (2006)

Quinn 'Q' Boothroyd, a British lawyer living in New York, is used to life in the fast lane. After all how else would she have achieved so much off her 'Modern Woman's List of Things to do Before Hitting Thirty.' So when she is diagnosed with low amniotic fluid levels in her sixth month of pregnancy, how will she survive the strict bed rest? She has to lie on her left side and not get up, even for food. When husband Tom forgets to leave her a meal, she just has to starve. Maybe helping a neighbour fight a landlord who's trying to evict his tenants will keep her occupied - trouble is her husband's firm represents the landlord.

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