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With Friends Like These (2010)


Quincy, Talia, Chloe and Jules met when they shared a Manhattan flat in the early 90s. They have remained tight over the years but their friendships are about to be sorely tested. Quincy and her husband have spent ages looking for a suitable apartment and finally get the early word on a too-good-to-be-true place. But Jules reveals the information to her boyfriend, who also puts in an offer. Talia job-shares with Chloe at an ad agency. Talia is married to a public school teacher, while Chloe enjoys a more prosperous life as the wife of a hedge fund manager. So when a headhunter comes calling for Chloe, Talia doesn't pass the message on and instead pursues the job herself. The pair are also vying to get their sons into a prestigious school with limited vacancies. This is a well-crafted story that puts a magnifying glass up to women's friendships - do these relationships have expiry dates; can you forgive a betrayal and reveals why sometimes your best friends can be your worst enemies. 7/10


The Late, Lamented Molly Marx (2009)


Molly Marx has been found dead along the bank of the Hudson River but no one knows who did it, not even the police. Narrated from Molly's perspective from the afterlife, details are gradually revealed about the various events that lead to her death, including her marriage breakdown with her philandering plastic surgeon husband Barry; the difficult relationship with her mean mother-in-law Kitty; and her little romance with photographer Luke. Even though the plot centres on Molly's death, and the possible suspects, the story also depicts through flashbacks the tight friendship of Molly and Brie, and strong love shared with her sister Lucy and her young daughter Annabel. With its perfect combination of mystery, love and family connections, this is a moving and memorable book. (XT) 8/10


Little Pink Slips (2008)


Coming from Fargo, North Dakota, to Manhattan wasn’t easy for Maggy Goldfarb. She even changed her name to Magnolia Gold – to better prepare her for a successful new life in New York. Now as editor-in-chief of Lady magazine, her days are filled with headlines and deadlines, sales figures and free cosmetics. She adores her job, as well as the glory it brings. As she is preparing to ring in new changes at the magazine, Magnolia suddenly finds herself in an ambush created by her colleague Darlene and her boss Jock. Brash talk show host Babe Blake is taking over the magazine - her touch and her themes will be the new gold mine ... Magnolia feels lost on the sidelines and the only people who can advise her are her friends Abbey - who is facing her own personal crisis, Natalie - if she can trust her tips, and Cam - her colleague who doesn’t  speak much. This is a great story about modern girls in modern times, which will particularly appeal to those who enjoy behind-the-scene magazine stories, since it is inspired by the author’s experiences when McCall’s was transformed into a magazine edited by celebrity Rosie O’Donnell. The book was entertaining and easy to read, although I expected a little bit more at the end. (MH) 7/10


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