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In the Stars (2012)

Taking a leave of absence from her job as a sports reporter, Lyla Garcia is preparing to head to Japan with her boyfriend, Stedman, a professional golfer, for his latest tournament. But then Stedman unexpectedly breaks up with her. Left with weeks of free time before she is due back at work and a broken heart, Lyla turns to her three best friends, Ava, Chloe and Marissa, who convince her to use her time off to write a book about astrology and dating. Armed with her newly acquired 'booty-berry', Lyla sets out to discover how various sun signs work in relationships, starting with filling in the gaps in her own dating history. And so the adventures begin as Lyla seeks to find her missing astrological partners and to see if the key to relationships really is in the stars. After several disappointments, Lyla gets rid of her dating phone and concentrates on finishing her book and getting back to work, where she faces opposition from the misogynist anchor, Nash. When Lyla meets someone she clicks with, her recent dating exploits are threatening to jeopardise her relationship. This novel is really unique, not least because of the astrological tidbits that are scattered throughout. The sports world that forms the backdrop of this novel is also refreshing and will appeal to readers who enjoy sports. A great read with plenty of ingenuity. (JC)

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