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Being Sarah Chilton (2013)

This is the diary of Sarah, a career girl in her 20s who has almost given up on finding Mr Right, when along comes Chris, charming, handsome, wonderful - or so he seems. As funny and engaging as Bridget Jones' diaries, we follow Sarah's ups and downs as she catapults into marriage and motherhood - finding out that life doesn't always pan out as planned, but what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger... This is the debut novel by parenting counsellor Ruth Briddon, and features her personal experiences of motherhood. A definite must-read for all mums, proving its perfectly normal not to be a super-mum all the time. Being Sarah Chilton features moving emotional situations together with superbly funny moments - all of which will have you reaching for the tissues both in sadness and in laughter. (AT)

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