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Royal Scandal - Marquita Valentine (2017)


After the deaths of their parents, the Sinclairs arrive at one of their homes in a small North Carolina town. Straight away, Colin, who as the oldest has taken on the role of looking after his siblings, meets Della, whose family are the caretakers of the estate. What follows next is ten years of friendship between Colin's family and Della's. But it turns out that the Sinclairs have been keeping a lot of secrets - the fact that they are exiled royals for starters. In their kingdom, it isn't the males who rule but the oldest female which is Colin's sister Imogen. Now the country wants the Sinclairs back but are willing to change the rules and make Colin a king. The only way he can forfeit is to marry a commoner. Enter his best friend, Della. Will Della accept Colin's proposal especially when she learns of all the secrets that his family has kept from her these past ten years? I especially enjoyed the twist near the end of this book, which made it stand it out from other royalty reads as I did not see it coming at all. This is a series I look forward to following. (PP)



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