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The Social Diary (2015)

Former music writer Savannah has been brought in as the social diarist for the Sydney News newspaper and editor Tim wants there to be no more fawning over socialites. He wants her to skewer the champagne-swilling set with sarcasm and highlight their scandals and foibles. It's the 1980s - a time which heralded the rise of entrepreneurs and Tim asks Savannah to infiltrate the social circle of property developer Alex Evans because he thinks something shady is going on. (Not sure why you wouldn't get your investigative or financial reporter on to the case but anyhoo...!) Savannah jumps feet-first into the role, making a splash after a charity queen kicks everyone out of her dinner party. But her success comes at a price - not only is she treated with disdain by the "serious" reporters, it seems many people are out to get her and she's not sure who to trust, including one very mysterious man. This is an entertaining read filled with colourful personalities - as you would expect from a gossip columnist. There is a sequel set in the present day in the works which might explain why it felt like the book ended a bit abruptly.

Gossip (2006)

Ros Reines worked as a gossip columnist for a Sydney newspaper so news of her debut novel had many wondering how much of it would be fiction. Her heroine, Venous Ventura, is a gossip columnist for the Sunday Observer. She enrols in an exclusive self-help course at Byron Bay at the behest of her boyfriend - former rock star Larry. Tagged The Bitch, she joins fellow guests, including her nemesis, fashion designer Ruby Star (Abusive) and football star Todd Straw (Unfaithful), in facing their demons. And of course Venous is not only determined to keep breaking celebrity stories, such as J.Lo's arrival in town, while she's on the retreat but she's also desperate to dish the dirt on Ruby's secret.

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