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Rooftop Sunsets & Cocktails - Alexa Fernandez (2015)


After her father moves to North Carolina with his second wife, Desiree seizes her chance to make her dreams come true in Manhattan. She wants to be an actress but now three years later, she's stuck working in a posh children's boutique instead. And her love life has just gone up in flames when her fiance Seth leaves her because she cheated on him - with his boss! With the help of her best friends, George and Olivia, she starts to plan a new future - perhaps teaching is for her. But then Seth has an accident and wakes up with amnesia - not remembering that they broke up. Maybe Desiree has got another chance with him. This is a great story about taking chances, chasing happiness and sharing those most precious moments - both happy and sad - with best friends. Loved the beautiful ending. (MH)

Rating 8/10


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