Rock My World - Julie Shackman (2014)

Twenty-something Ruby Cameron works as a reporter for a local newspaper and lives with her boyfriend Luke. However, when she catches Luke with another girl, she immediately decides she's done with him and moves into her own new place. It doesn't take long for Ruby to discover that she's not alone in the house; the ghost of former rock star Stevie wants her to help him discover what exactly caused his death. Next to dealing with a ghost flying around her new home, Ruby is also worrying about her mother's new boyfriend whom she doesn't trust and trying to get over her break-up with Luke. Things are made even more complicated when handsome Matt Jardine arrives on the scene and gets the job Ruby wanted. Ruby is a great main character; she's determined, ambitious and many readers will be able to relate to her one way or another. I felt for her when she caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and some guy coming in and taking the job she really wanted... And on top of that, she finds the ghost of a deceased rock star in her house! While I think sometimes supernatural storylines can be a bit over the top, this was definitely not the case here. Stevie's story really contributed to the plot of the novel and the way the story consisted of both scenes in the present time and flashbacks to the past provides the reader with more information about the characters and their lives. Rock My World is a quirky, fun read that kept me captivated from the first until the very last page. (JoH)

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