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Riches & Rags - Camille Nagasaki (2016)


Meet a modern princess - Lane Carson has a perfect life, gorgeous husband, two beautiful children and so much money. Her home help is always there, so are the nannies. Husband Mickey is always working, so Lane's only problem is she doesn't get enough attention. But then her husband informs her that he has lost all the money through some bad decisions and he is leaving them because he needs to clear his head and find some answers. Lane is devastated, she needs to pack up her lavish home and find a new place to live for herself and their children, Margo and Rory. What will she do with those two girls alone when she doesn't know anything about them. With the help of her cousin, Billy, and her best friend, Denise, Lane tries to find a place to settle in Kits where she think she belongs. She comes across George - a retired admiral, who is living alone in a house with three floors. She convinces him to rent her the attic, without mentioning the kids. Now it's time for Lane to learn to be a parent, a normal woman, a tenant and a friend.
This is an absolutely brilliant read. I was Lane on every page, in every move, asking myself 'what would I do in her shoes'? Lane is one of the best characters I have ever read about. The story is full of unexpected turns and exciting and suprising solutions. Humorous and charming, this is a story you definitely don't want to miss... (MH)



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