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The Payback Club (2006)

Joan and Liz are both still hurting after being betrayed by their cheating husbands. As they slowly become friends through their gym sessions, the two women decide to get revenge by seducing each other's ex and destroying their lives - and so begins the Payback Club. However, things become complicated when Joan discovers that Liz's ex-husband is making plans to leave his present pregnant wife, and her own ex-husband goes missing without a trace and Joan becomes the prime suspect behind his sudden disappearance. This will appeal to those who relish the whole concept of wives taking revenge like in The First Wives Club. What I loved most was how they came up with their little plans to make over themselves so as to attract the other's ex and how in the end both women finally came to terms with their failed marriage and made up for the loss by being stronger and adopting a more positive outlook towards life. (XT)

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