Rebooting in Beverly Hills, by Marcy Miller, is about a woman who needs to start over again after the end of her marriage. The summary says: "In a society focused on finding The One when you're young enough to live a life glamorised in all manner of media, what happens when you find yourself facing that struggle past the dreaded age of 45? It's a whole new world out there. If there is a soul mate, where do you even begin to find yours - in the classic single bars or on the oft-disastrous internet? What's expected in sex in the modern era, and when, after so many years, is the right time? Rebooting in Beverly Hills is the witty, charming, and absolutely true account of Marcy Miller, a competent, attractive professional woman, as she struggles to re-enter the dating world after an esteem-killing divorce of an adulterous husband. Set in the opulent oasis of Beverly Hills, Marcy riffs on pickups, fix-ups, internet dating, matchmaking, divorce, and all the other craziness - like psychics, girlfriends, and sex-that pop up along the road of leaving single life behind." Rebooting in Beverly Hills is out in June.

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