Real Time - Jeanine Binder (2014)

After reading a lot of rock star novels with characters in their 20s to 30s, imagine my surprise when this one turned out to have an older cast. Nick's band has lost one of their members, Mick, as he has decided to embrace fatherhood. Sick of all these youngsters who only know how to play a electronic keyboard and don't know how to read music, he is desperate for a replacement so he does the one thing he would never normally resort to - he interviews a woman for the position. Enter studio musician Kate. When she was younger she was a concert pianist until tragedy struck. Kate gets accepted into the band and so begins the story as they tour for six months. Despite both their pasts, Kate and Nick find themselves drawn to each other. What will happen though when another tragedy ensues and Nick faces the possibility of losing Kate forever? If you love rock star novels, but are sick of reading the New Adult type where he is a player and sleeps with everybody and is rude and spoilt, then check out Real Time as you will not be disappointed. (PP)

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