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Woodrose Mountain (2012)

Evie Blanchard left her life as an occupational therapist in Los Angeles after a personal tragedy. She moved to Hope's Crossing, Colorado, to start a new life working in a bead store. Brodie Thorne's teenage daughter, Taryn, was severely injured in a car accident months ago. Taryn is finally returning home after being kicked out of her rehab centre. Her outlook is poor and Brodie knows that his daughter's future depends on getting her the rehabilitation she needs. Brodie has always viewed Evie as a flaky outsider, however, he knows his daughter needs Evie's help. After much convincing, Evie reluctantly agrees to help out temporarily to set up therapy for Taryn. As Evie becomes entwined in the life of Brodie and his daughter, she fights the feelings she begins to feel for Brodie. Although a bit predictable, this is a well-written love story about a small town. This is the second book in the series set in Hope's Crossing. (AO)

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