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This Side of Married (2004)

The three Rubin daughters from an affluent Philadelphian family have a domineering mother, an obstetrician, whose dearest wish is to see them happily married. And just like in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, there's an unsuitable suitor in the form of cardiologist Anthony Wolf who offers his hospitality when one daughter falls ill. There's his blunt friend, journalist Simon Goldenstern who seems to be interfering in the path of true love but is in fact saving their honour. There's even a long-lost cousin, Soren Zank, from a Swedish line of the family who comes to eye up the daughters, and a father, Judge Rubin, who largely stays out of the fray. The oldest daughter - dreamy Alice - falls into a speedy engagement with Anthony; the middle daughter - sensible Isabel - has already tied the knot with lawyer Theo but their marriage is under strain because of their inability to have children. And the youngest - beautiful Tina - has been planning her wedding for years.

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