Pumps - Adrian Huerta (2014)

LA fashionista Alexis Cruz is living the high life, partying with her girlfriends, jetting off around the world for work, and has a string of handsome boyfriends to keep her occupied in her spare time. But when she is forced to go to China to help set up a shoe production factory there, the more laidback and simple way of life of the Chinese people she meets begins to wear off on her. Coupled with the fast approach of her thirtieth birthday, Alexis begins to reflect on her life and the direction her future will take. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. At the beginning, I didn't warm to Alexis at all. She was overbearing and cold, but as the story progressed she grew immensely as a character, and the more I discovered about her, the more I began to like her. By the end I was really on her side. There were times that I felt the story dragged a little and there wasn't much action to the plot, but once it gained momentum again it recaptured my interest. I felt the ending was abrupt, although I appreciate that there is to be a sequel and perhaps the ending was to maximise the suspense, but I felt a little cheated by it. Overall though an entertaining read. (LO)

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