Alexandra Voulgari tries to reconcile her Greek upbringing with the Australian way of life in her memoir Poutana Zoe: Life's a Bitch. The summary says: "A good Greek girl does not disobey her parents. She accepts the proxy marriage they arrange for her. She does not go to parties with her Australian girlfriends and then come home with a love bite! Above all, she does not lose her virginity! We have a saying in Greek which goes like this: Poutana zoe. Translated into English it means life's a bitch and what a filthy little bitch life can be if, like me, you were born female and Greek! Headstrong, opinionated and always at odds with my Greek parents, I left Australia at the age of twenty to travel to Greece, the country of my birth. There I started the long journey of reconciling the two aspects of me: my Greek tradition with my Australian way of life." You can find out more at this website.

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