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Poppy's 3 Men - Sophie Sloane (2015)


This is an enjoyable novella about Poppy Shillington, a young woman we meet on her wedding day, but we do not know who the groom is. Poppy reflects on her dating past of three specific men, one of whom is the mystery groom. As the reader meets each of Poppy's suitors, Dax, Mike and Simon, through Poppy's memories, they are given an inside glimpse into each relationship and the reader is left to try to guess who is the one to ultimately win Poppy's hand in marriage. I really enjoyed this story, though I had a hard time trying to decide which suitor I wanted to see Poppy end up with since all three had both good and annoying characteristics. I found Poppy's recollections very sweet and she was very easy to relate to. The story moves at a great pace and kept me entertained all the way to the conclusion. Fans of this genre will enjoy this quick and light read, as well as the guessing game of the identity of the groom. (SH)

Rating 7/10


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