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Plain Jane - Barrie Levitt Knee (2015)


Jane has a secret she hasn't told anyone in almost seven years. Her best friend, Gaby, knows only because the secret also has to do with Gaby. Jane has a week to tell her husband and two children what she has done and has decided tonight is the night. But first, she has a marathon to run. As she runs along to her favourite playlist, her story unfolds in her thoughts and we learn about Jane, Gaby, Jane's family, and most importantly, the secret.
I really enjoyed this book and thought having the story unfold while the main character is running a marathon was a creative departure from the norm. As most of the story is told in flashbacks, I do wish we had seen more present-day interaction between Jane and Gaby. All in all, this is a great story of family, friendship, and what women will do for their best friends. (LEK)



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