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The Fragment of Dreams (2011)

In the sequel to The Book of Love, Lily and William are planning their new life together in Rome when Poppy, Lily's sister, discovers a letter sent to their deceased mother from a lady she later learns is her aunt. The letter leads to the two sisters locating an uncle and cousin living in Sydney that they never knew existed. Before William's departure to Rome, he and Lily visit her newly found uncle where William discovers a fragment of a valuable Italian frieze. Worth $4-5 million, William advises Stephen to arrange some insurance and a safety deposit box for the frieze. As William is about to depart at the airport, Lily's cousin Andy rushes in and accuses William of poisoning his father and stealing the frieze. Who should Lily believe? The man she loves or the cousin she is keen to get to know. In order to discover the truth for herself, Lily travels to Naples where more family secrets are uncovered. This was another enjoyable read which had me keen to read on, solve the crime and see whether romance would prevail. (LM)

The Book Of Love (2010)

Lily, a self-professed wearer of vintage clothing, and Robbie, her boyfriend, run a second-hand bookshop in Paddington, Sydney. In a recent purchase of old books from Nairobi, Robbie discovers a rare French book of ancient Roman erotica. With only four copies of the book in existence, and an estimated value of $20 million, Robbie is determined to sell it despite Lily wanting to return the book to the Naples Museum in Italy from whom it has been stolen. When William, an attractive Russian who is employed by fine arts firm Weston's from London, arrives at the shop to retrieve the stolen art works, Robbie refuses to hand over the book and consequently disappears, taking both Lily's and his life savings with him. What follows is an enjoyable adventure complete with a few twists, which take William and Lily from Australia to Italy in search of Robbie and the book. (LM)

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