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Kate's Escape From the Billable Hour (2014)

After amassing an incredible number of billable hours, including plenty of pro bono work, young lawyer Kate is sure she's about to be rewarded with a massive annual bonus. After all she's put her personal life on hold - and deferred as many toilet breaks as she could - for the past year. Instead Kate gets a horrible performance review - and fobbed off with a tube of skin concealer. So she goes on a bit of a rampage around the office, quits her job and books a ticket to Barcelona to stalk the cute Spanish exchange student, Diego, who once stayed with her family. Equal parts hilarious and scary (with its tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the soul-sucking life of a lawyer), this is a delightful debut. Kate is an outstanding character who is forced to come to terms with her life not turning out the way she thought it would.

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