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Feral Bells (2012)

Lydia escapes country Townsville for the bright lights of Brisbane, successfully distancing herself from the place and its people, and most importantly, her single parent mother. She's doing well until she wakes up in the bed of a man named "Scrubs" and can't remember getting there. That event is the first of a downward spiral; she's in trouble at work and isn't attracting the right attention of her interior design boss. She even loses her independence when little sister Elsie moves in pregnant and alone. And then there's Chris, Scrubs' roommate, whom she met trying to sneak quietly out of Scrubs' bedroom. He keeps unexpectedly popping up and when he's the best man at her friend's wedding, they are forced closer together. She likes him but he lives on a farm in northern Queensland, a place Lydia is determined not to return to. Will she choose career and independence over love and give up the life she has strived to make for herself in the city to return to the country? This is a fun story that touches on the serious issues. (LF)

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