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Never Mind the Botox: Rachel (2012)

This is the second book to be released in the Never Mind the Botox Series, however the books can be read in any order and follow the lives of four professional women all working on the sale of a high-profile cosmetic surgery. This novel centres on Rachel, who is a corporate financer who loves her job and puts 100 per cent into it. She is trying to keep on the straight and narrow within her role and strives for the promotion that is about to be offered. Her boyfriend on the other hand is a total different story altogether. He is always hungover and strolling into work at silly hours. While working on the sale of the cosmetic surgery, the deal does not go as planned and her love life is threatened. Can Rachel come to the rescue? This is a great series and you will find yourself relating to the characters. At one point I forgot that they were characters in the novel and found myself wanting to go for a drink with them after work. The books have some overlap with each other but it works! There are rumours of a TV series being made on this series. (SG)

Never Mind the Botox: Alex (2011)

There are four books in the Never Mind the Botox series. Each centres on one of the four professional women working on the sale of a high-profile cosmetic surgery business. Alex is busy planning her wedding to her fiance Elliot and is close to making partner within her law firm. She has what seems the perfect life. However, things becomes complicated when the new junior lawyer and actress pose a threat. Alex is forced into making decisions which have a huge impact on her life. The series can be read in any order. The law terminology used throughout the novel is explained, so people who are not familiar with it should not be put off. This book is a real page-turner and so entertaining. (SG)

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