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The Fine Color of Rust (2012)

Loretta lives in the small Australian rural town of Gunapan, with her two kids Melissa and Jake, after husband Tony disappears from their lives. Three years later, Loretta is existing in a state between reality - a mother of two children - and her dream world where she meets a handsome man who will whisk her off to a better place after she drops the kids at an orphanage. The Fine Color of Rust tells the story of Loretta's up and down journey to save the local school from closure. In between writing letters to the government, Loretta tries hard to be a good mother. But what happens when her husband turns up with another lady in tow after years of no contact? Is this Loretta's time to get her revenge on Tony? This story shows readers what life can be like in a small town in the middle of nowhere - and demonstrates the importance of fighting for what you believe in. (PP)

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