Operation Lipstick : Mission for Mr Right - Pia Heikkila (2012)

So what if you are in one of the most troubled countries in the world? This isn't stopping our war-zone chick Anna Sanderson from pulling up her combat zone stockings and hunting for her Mr. Right!!! Operation Lipstick: Mission For Mr Right dwells in a unique setting - the war-ravaged Afghanistan where the author takes the dating scenario to an "entirely new level". Anna is a war journalist based in Afghanistan, working for UK-based news channel GNN. But in addition to being on a constant lookout for breaking news, our heroine is also searching for her Mr Right. The country is swarming with army men yet Anna cannot find that one single guy with whom she can settle down and spend her entire life with, the special one who tugs the strings in her heart. Except for Mark (aka Mr Delectable) who keeps bumping into Anna at unexpected places and turns out to be quite the "knight in shining armour" but keeps disappearing as quickly as he appears. Alone, frustrated and horny as hell, Anna has only her best friend, Kelly, and cameraman Tim as her BFFs. But then on discovering that her boyfriend Rich has been cheating on her, Kelly spills the dirt, tying him to the dangerous Taliban. Anna decides to help Kelly in her revenge mission and drags in Tim too. But Operation Lipstick opens up a Pandora's Box that leads the trio into the heart of Taliban territory and life-threatening consequences. Pia has drawn on her experience as a war journalist and has portrayed the perils, the lows and highs and the adrenaline rush that comes with it quite comfortably. That combined with equal doses of drollness and brashness keep readers hooked. The plot gains some momentum in the second half after being a bit of a drag at first. But again the ending seemed a bit rushed which might leave some readers unsatisfied. (PD)

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