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Only You - Lorna Peel (2014)


Thirty-something Jane Hollinger is trying to pick up her life after a divorce. Her cheating ex-husband has left her with some trust issues and a mortgage to pay. Jane tries to focus on making ends meet thanks to her job as a teacher at the local adult education centre. Her sister Mags and best friend Carol believe it's time for Jane to move on, so they get her to join a dating website. However, it is during one of her genealogy classes that Jane's attention is caught by a slightly strange guy; a guy who turns out to be famous film actor Robert Armstrong. Jane can't believe it's actually him and she's even more stunned when she realises Robert has feelings for her. But is she ready to start a new relationship, let alone one with an incredibly popular actor? This storyline is quite a classic one; a normal woman meets a famous and handsome actor who falls in love with her, which results in her suddenly being thrust into the spotlight. While the storyline is quite predictable, I am always interested in seeing how different authors deal with it. Lorna Peel managed to create two interesting main characters; both Jane and Robert were easy to like. While Jane has trust issues, Robert is looking for an honest woman who can offer him some normality in his crazy film star life. While the novel definitely has a good basis, I occasionally missed things to make the story more complete. For example, some of Jane's actions were quite sudden and unexplained, and I sometimes missed certain story details such as why exactly Robert falls in love with Jane. I would have loved to have read more about the genealogy aspect of the storyline and Robert's family history, and Jane's previous marriage; maybe if these items had been explored in more detail I would have been able to connect with both the characters and the storyline on a deeper level. (JoH)



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