One Million Lovely Letters is the true story of stroke survivor Jodi Ann Bickley who sends uplifting letters all around the world, providing her with a lifeline in her own darkest moments. The summary says: "When Jodi was five, her beloved Nan died, and unable to deal with the emotional grief, her mum suggested she write her a letter, saying that the postman would deliver it to heaven. Although it didn't bring closure, it made things OK, and it brought happiness to Jodi's mum who was struggling with her own deep feelings of loss. Jodi saw the effect the letter had on her mum and wanted to recreate that feeling. So, as a teenager Jodi started leaving notes and letters for strangers to find and cheer them up. In the summer of 2011, aged 22, Jodi contracted a serious brain infection and suffered a mini stroke that would change her life forever. Learning to write and walk again was just the start of the battle. In an effort to recover, Jodi began to write inspirational letters, this time to strangers, giving people all over the world a lift, and a reason to carry on, just as she had given her mother all those years ago. One Million Lovely Letters charts Jodi's life and recovery and focus on the power of letters, giving readers inspiration to overcome obstacles to health and happiness, and 'pay it forward'. Jodi has already written hundreds of letters and her words are changing lives across the globe." Find out more at her blog

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