On Any Given Sundae - Marilyn Brant (2011)

When their uncles unexpectedly head to Europe for the summer, former classmates Elizabeth and Rob are forced to work together running the uncles' ice-cream shop, Tutti-Frutti. Introvert Elizabeth, known as "Frizzy Lizzy" in high school, needs to come out of her shell to work with the former football star (and her childhood crush), who left their small Wisconsin hometown immediately upon graduation for the big city of Chicago. As polar opposites, these two clash on just about everything, especially how to run the shop. However, as they become reacquainted after 10 years, they both begin to realise there might be something more between them than just high school. This is a charming tale of the popular jock and the shy bookworm, both trying to outlive their high school personas and prove to each other there is more to them than meets the eye. This is truly a root-for-the-underdog, feel-good story and a joy to read. (LEK)

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