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Only When It’s Love (2019)


Alexandra is a woman who most single people can relate to – she’s looking for and hoping to find “The One”. With a plethora of online dating sites, it should be easy, right? Not so, in Alex’s case. For years, she has experienced one disastrous relationship after another. Alex cannot understand why she is continuously ghosted and is convinced Mr Right does not exist.
When Alex’s married friend shares what worked for her, Alex immediately dismisses it. There is NO WAY Alex can go six months without sleeping with someone she is dating. But this self-help book guarantees Alex will find true love if she follows the steps and a six-month abstinence is one of them.
First of all, I was just as sceptical as Alex. I had serious doubts she would find anyone willing to go that long with zero intimate contact. I even asked my husband if he would have waited six months when we started dating. He’s still laughing. My first thought was, ‘OK, she finds a guy willing to wait and six months later, they become intimate, and it’s complete CRAP! Now what?’ That’s six months our Alex will never get back. But, here’s the thing. What does Alex have to lose? If it doesn’t work, she hasn’t lost anything; not really. She’s already wasted loads of time on guys who are ghosting her, so she decides to go for it.
I really enjoyed tagging along with Alex as she embarks on her challenge. I adored her and related to her situation completely. This witty rom-com will resonate with fans of chick lit and women’s fiction. Interesting characters and a highly entertaining story will draw the reader in and provide several hours of enjoyment. (SB) 7/10


The Middle-Aged Virgin (2018)


Sophia Huntington is a 38-year-old self-confessed workaholic. On the surface she seems to have it all: a successful, thriving PA company; beautiful house with a dressing room devoted to the latest designer trends; and a smart, supportive, handsome boyfriend. But all has come at a personal cost to Sophia. When she receives a phone call out of the blue, with some devastating news about a dear friend, Sophia is shocked to her core: so much so that she begins to evaluate her life.
Sophia has an epiphany: she realises that although she is immensely successful in her career and working life, her personal life would be akin to a grade D on a school report. Determined to take stock and realising that life is indeed short, Sophia makes a list to improve her life, to show that her “time on this earth has been put to good use”. Sophia ditches her long-term sexless relationship and throws herself back into the world of dating. But is it too late for her to find the love and passion that she so desperately seeks? Or is the ticking of the biological clock too loud to drown out?
Wow, wow, wow! What a book! I have to say that this was an amazing read. I love the protagonist Sophia - she has suffered the inevitable midlife crisis but rather than giving in, she takes her life back by the horns and really embraces the challenges she faces. Sophia is a feisty, gutsy lady and her adventures as she seeks to claim her true self and her life back make for a wonderful read.
The narrative was fresh and well plotted with an array of wonderful characters. Its comic moments had me laughing out loud but at the heart of the book was the premise that life is indeed too short and you need to grab it, in order to make things happen.
Sophia’s character does a complete turnaround: as she finds herself and embraces a much more well balanced and relaxed pace of life. The book shows how so much can change in a year, and that sometimes you just need to let go and take a chance. I loved every minute of this novel. Sophia really endeared herself to me as a character and the book was perfect escapism. (LP) 9/10


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