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Now You See Her - Heidi Perks (2018)


Harriet has never left her four-year-old daughter, Alice, with anyone else before. Planning to go back to work, she attends a bookkeeping course and entrusts her best and only friend Charlotte to look after Alice. But every parent's worst nightmare happens whilst Alice is in her care. Alice goes missing!
This book had me gripped from the very first page. I was on a bit of a reading slum and couldn't find anything to read that truly grabbed my attention. However, this book did the job! The story is told from the different perspectives of Charlotte and Harriet, as well as from before and after the incident. The novel explores many different themes - domestic abuse, betrayal of friendship, divorce, death and it is not an easy read in some parts. I felt that the "after" chapter could have given a bit more information to the reader, as I still had questions! But overall, I thought this was a fantastic read. (SG)



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