Notes from The Underwire - Quinn Cummings (2009)

Meet Quinn Cummings - former child star (she was in 1977 film The Goodbye Girl), mother and 21st century woman. Growing up in LA, by the age of 16 she was your typical LA teen armed with a gold credit card and two trips to rehab under her belt. As an adult, Quinn loves doing crosswords, eating horrible food such as lentils without have to be told too and her dream is to be able to wear a scarf fashionably without looking like a girl scout. In Quinn's debut memoir, she tackles the trials of domestic duties and life, including dealing with a catnip-addicted cat, rescuing an unwanted dog and being the owner of an old house. This book will give any women struggling with the transition to adulthood and those who just can't get their heads around those everyday domestic duties a good laugh and the knowledge that they're not alone. Adapted from her GC Report blog, it's a quirky collection of essays that will keep you in stitches right until the last page. (PP)

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