From author Nina Cordoba, Not Dreaming of You follows Kiki as she tries to find Mr Right using an unconventional method from a dream. The summary says: "Kiki Villanueva holds a master's degree from UCLA, is the best second grade teacher ever, and believes she had a psychic dream when she was 13 in which she was given a list of her future husband's attributes. Children are her life, and Kiki has good reason to think she may not have any if she doesn't marry soon. Since typical dating methods haven't been working out, she decides that when she goes back to LA for the summer, she'll start using the list to sort through potential candidates. When jaded political journalist Mark Bennett confesses to his doctor he no longer finds women - or anything else - exciting, Dr Chuck is worried he's depressed and suggests a change of pace. Mark agrees to write a fluff piece for a magazine about people who join high-priced dating services. (His premise is 'Losers or Lunatics?') The dating service introduces him to Kiki, and he's charmed by her open, passionate nature - not to mention her big, brown 'do me' eyes - though she definitely belongs in the 'lunatic' category with that psychic stuff. Mark is a confirmed bachelor from a family where no one says the L-word. However, while accompanying warm, sexy Kiki on her match-making service dates for his story, he soon wonders why he's literally driving her to the arms of other men. If he could only get her to forget her list, and everything he said when they first met - oh, and the fact that he's been a complete jackass... But Kiki's not about to waste time on an emotionally challenged cynic who only wants to 'play' and is definitely not on her list, even if he is handsome, and funny, and sexy - uh-oh!" (CF)

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