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Priceless (2010)

Charlotte Williams has it all. She's got a rich, doting father, great friends and has just spent a year in Paris. Upon her return to her penthouse in New York, Charlotte gets back into the groove of clubbing with her friends and enjoying the good life. It's a short-lived reunion however, because Charlotte's father has pleaded guilty to a massive Wall Street fraud. Before she can blink her eyes, Charlotte's friends have abandoned her and she's lost everything she's ever known. Not knowing what else to do, Charlotte heads to New Orleans to stay with her former nanny, Millie. While New Orleans is nothing like New York, it does have its charms and Charlotte soon begins to enjoy herself. She meets new friends and even falls for Millie's handsome son, Jackson. Charlotte also discovers her singing voice, which she inherited from her late mother. This is a novel which fits well with Nicole Richie's own lifestyle: celebrities, money, drugs and other Hollywood cliches. However, it's a bit drab and boring in parts. While Charlotte has a wild streak - reminiscent of Richie's - and she is able to find her strength when faced with adversity, it's not enough to save this novel from itself. In the end, it's nothing more than another novel by another celebrity. It doesn't bring anything new to the table and certainly leaves a lot to be desired. (AS)

The Truth About Diamonds (2005)

Chloe Parker had lead a wild childhood running with the young A-list crowd after being adopted by a music producer. She disappears for a week when she has a fight with a friend at a nightclub. On her return best friend Simone, who makes everyone's private phone numbers public when she leaves her mobile in a rest room, announces that she and Chloe are going to be spokespeople for Magdalena cosmetics and they will shoot a reality TV ad. It doesn't seem as if Richie has strayed too far from her own experiences to act as the story's narrator. She's the adopted daughter of singer Lionel Richie and she starred in reality TV show The Simple Life with her then best friend Paris Hilton (and Paris did once lose her phone).

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