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If I Could Turn Back Time (2013)

Shop girl Zoe is bummed out that her boyfriend, David, ended things. She's been moping around since the split and doesn't see any way of getting him back. Then one day, after a particularly rowdy night out, she wakes up to find she's gone back in time and is now re-living the previous few months. Knowing what's coming next gives Zoe a chance to do things right this time - like not obsess over David's best friend, Jenny - but is it really worth it in the end? Is David really the man for her? While this is a cute story and the characters are likeable enough, it's slightly predictable. It would have been a better ending if the last chapter didn't exist at all because it kind of ruined the story and what seemed to have happened. Overall, however, it's a fun and light read that is enjoyable enough to keep the reader interested. (AS)

The Out of Office Girl (2012)

When her boss is taken ill, publishing assistant Alice is shipped off to Sicily in Italy to coax heart-throb actor Luther Carson into finishing his autobiography. Easily distracted by bikini-clad blondes, yachts and nightclubs, Luther isn't making much progress. And his agent Sam certainly isn't helping - he thinks writing the book is a big mistake. Amid lost luggage, a knee-trembling kiss and a career-damaging mistake, Alice really has her work cut out for her. This fun read of the chick lit lite variety is a sparkling debut, which shows that handling a celebrity client is certainly not the easiest job in the world.

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