Nice Work If You Can Get It - Linda Morris (2014)

After spending the past couple of years looking after her sick Nonna, Ally has definitely earned herself a break away. When Ally's best friend Serena offers her a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, she jumps at the chance to have some time to relax, unwind and catch some sights while she's at it. But Ally never expected to have a holiday fling though. But when she meets Andrew at the bar, she can't help but be attracted to him despite his arrogance. The sparks fly but when Ally has a brush with death, Andrew realises he is in it for the long haul. This revelation sends Ally running back to the comfort of home. Will she realise that they are meant to be together or will Andrew have to put in the long yards to prove to Ally that he isn't going anywhere? It's the perfect chick-lit read for those who have found in the past that they have put others first before themselves. (PP)

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