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Carpool Diem (2008)

Annie is one very organised New Jersey mum - she has to be as she juggles a demanding corporate job and her family. But when she tells her bosses she's not willing to work out of Connecticut during the week, they show her the door. So now she has more time to ferry her daughter Charlotte around to soccer. Soon Winslow West, the crazy coach of the top girls soccer team, the Power, has his eye on the talented Charlotte. His is a world of exhausting training sessions where death is the only excuse for absence and not even Halloween or storms will stop match time. And for the competitive soccer mums on the sidelines, there's even a position for an anti-rage rep to stick lollypops in the mouths of disruptive parents. As Winslow builds his dream team and a massive Soccer-Plex, it seems one dissatisfied parent has sabotage on their mind. A sharp satire that is unashamedly over-the-top, this really kicks a winning goal.

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