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My Sister's Bones - Nuala Ellwood (2016)


War reporter Kate has witnessed the horrors of war in places such as Afghanistan and Syria. Following a traumatic trip to Syria that has left her with post-traumatic stress disorder, Kate goes home to Herne Bay after her mother's death. One night she is woken up by the screaming of a child at the house next door but the woman living there says that she doesn't have any children. But night after night Kate keeps seeing a child next door and, although neither the police and her brother-in-law believe her, she knows that something is wrong at the house.
Kate's life hasn't been easy: her drunken father used to beat her up, her drunken sister refuses to talk to her, her married boyfriend left her after ten years together to go back to his wife, and the horrors she has seen in war zones give her nightmares. So it's no wonder that she takes sleeping pills.
Full of twists and turns, this thrilling and dark novel kept me turning the page until the surprising end. (NP)



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