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My Sister - Michelle Adams (2017)


Irini's parents gave her away when she was three but chose to keep her older sister Elle. Irini has lived her life estranged from her family, never understanding the decision her parents made and unable to get any answers. Elle flits in and out of Irini's life but brings only chaos and danger. But when their mother dies, Irini knows she cannot outrun the past anymore, and returns to her childhood home and a reunion with her father and sister. But if Irini was hoping to finally gain some closure, she is gravely mistaken.
A taut, atmospheric novel, this psychological suspense story is an unsettling exploration of the ties that bind two sisters and the divisions that push them apart. The toxic relationship between Irini and Elle is really compelling and it's a exhilarating take on sisterhood. But for me the twists in the novel didn't quite deliver that crucial blow to really set the novel on fire.



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