My Little Soldiers - Glenn Barden (2014)

Mike is broody, he dreams of being a dad and he yearns to be the best father he can possibly be. When he meets Nyla and falls in love he feels as though his ideal life will only be completed with the birth of their child. Nyla is also desperate to have a baby, never for a moment thinking of what the future has in store and the pain and difficulties that they will face together. The story is written from Mike's point of view. It's endearing, heartbreaking and compelling. He veers between being upbeat and joking, but descends into a spiral of depression as time after time their attempts are thwarted. Meticulously researched and containing interesting new information I thought this was an excellent read. Men do not often talk about the subject of fertility, but Mike's honesty and desperation touched my heart. I recommend this book as a very good read. (JH)

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