My Big Greek Family - Maria Constantine (2013)

Georgina, Katherina and Sophia Andreou live in one big happy family with their mother, father and brother. They live in the Greek way, observing the traditions their parents brought with them to England from their homeland, Cyprus. But are these liberated girls really as happy as they seem? Georgina is a well-respected teacher, approaching 30 years of age. Her introductions to 'nice Greek boys' have not met with her approval and she has the serious 'hots' for her cousin's friend Jake. Katherina, hiding a secret from her university days, is also attracted to her newly appointed colleague but facing yet another introduction arranged by her parents, whilst Sophia, always the rebel of the family, has other fish to fry. On holiday together in Halkadiki, the sisters take a long look at their lives and come to some radical decisions. But how will these revelations pan out when they arrive home and face their oh-so-traditional parents? I really enjoyed this family saga. With her knowledge and experience of 'The Greek Way', Maria Constantine has written a touching, often humorous story with empathy and understanding. It ticked all my boxes. (JH)

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