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The Pink Pepper Tree (2014)

June Cusack has a great career, and a promising future with the love of her life, Peter Braga, owner of the exclusive Pink Pepper Tree restaurant. But while on holidays in Monte Carlo with best friend Danielle, one terrible incident changes the course of June's life forever. Soon her relationship with Peter unravels, and it is only when she meets Lorcan that she begins to move on with her life again. Can she finally be happy and have the life she so desperately craves? I was sympathetic towards June from the start. She was a sweet and kind-hearted character, who had one tragic event after another thrown at her, but she emerged from them all stronger and I had to admire that. The plot dealt with some serious issues, but without having too serious a tone to the story. There were parts of the plot that dragged a little, I found myself drifting from the storyline at times, but towards the end there is a twist that packs a punch and pulls you right back into the plot right to the end. (LO)

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