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Mums Just Wanna Have Fun - Lucie Wheeler (2018)


Harriet and Nancy have been best friends since they were children and have always supported each other. Now, they are both single mothers with very busy lives. Harriet has her own successful company, but her demanding job doesn't leave her much time to spend with her two young children. Nancy has her hands full taking care of her seven-year-old autistic son Jack, especially since her husband walked out on them a year earlier. They both need a break, so Harriet organises a one-week holiday together to Ibiza with their children. Their holiday is not without dramatic moments but Harriet and Nancy will also learn to enjoy themselves a little, to make new friends, and to take decisions to change their lives.
This is Lucie's Wheeler second novel, and, although I enjoyed her debut, The First Time Mums' Club, I liked this much more. I really liked the characters of Harriet and Nancy. The author explores in depth their insecurities not only as mothers but also as women, making them realistic and likable, and I enjoyed reading how their friendship stayed strong during the highs and lows of their lives. This is a highly entertaining and fun book which I couldn't put down. (NP) 8/10


In Lucie Wheeler's Mums Just Wanna Have Fun, two mums head off for an island holiday. The summary says: "Single mum Nancy will do anything for her little boy. Jack's autism makes life difficult at times, but she's determined to ensure he lives the best life possible. So, when her best friend Harriet suggests a holiday to Ibiza, Nancy is torn: will Jack cope with the change in routine ... will she?
Workaholic mum Harriet convinces Nancy it's the break they all need. A chance to have some fun with the kids, away from the stresses of normal life. And she's determined to switch off her laptop, ignore her inbox, and just have fun with her kids for seven whole days. Cocktails and kids' club - what could go wrong?
Ibiza is beautiful, but Jack struggles with everything, Harriet refuses to put her laptop away, and Nancy begins to think she's made a huge mistake. And then Nancy meets Cameron and his young son, Aiden, and discovers that sometimes the best fun happens when you least expect it. Can these two single mums swap their mummy guilt for sunglasses and sangria?" Mums Just Wanna Have Fun is out in March 2018.



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