Moving On, the debut novel by Cape Town-based journalist Joanna Ross, follows the highs and lows of a group of widows as they struggle to rebuild their lives. The summary says: "Four women - all very different from one another. But with one tragic bond between them - they are all widows. Sarah is the organiser of the group. After losing her husband Jonny she's finally getting used to life on her own. Can she find happiness again with Tony? Kate is struggling to raise two children on her own and misses the physical intimacy of her marriage to Charlie. Will she find love through online dating? Or will she learn she doesn't need a man to make her happy? Ailsa is determined to get her life going again after losing Tom and signs up for philosophy school and yoga classes. Will she find peace? And maybe even love at her lessons? Victoria is alone and childless, and needs the support of her fellow widows more than any of them. Will Victoria decide to stay in Cape Town and make a go of things? Or will she return to her family in England?"

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