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Monogamy Twist - Nancy Jardine (2015)


When Luke Salieri unexpectedly inherits an old English manor house named Greywood Hall from a woman he has never met, he is pleasantly surprised. As a man who rebuilds and repairs buildings for a living, he can't wait to get his hands on the estate. However, the sudden inheritance comes with some unusual conditions. Luke needs to live in the house for a whole year, together with his wife, before the house will be really his. When he meets Rhia Ashton, a historian, she seems to be the perfect woman for the job. Both of them go into the deal with their own goals in mind, but while Luke considers it all a business deal, Rhia starts to reconsider and it doesn't take long before their feelings take over. Monogamy Twist was quite a quick read since its length places it somewhere between a novel and a novella. While it took me a bit of time to get used to Luke's character, I straight away liked Rhia. It's quite an unusual situation the two find themselves in; going from strangers to spouses within a short timespan, but it was an interesting storyline. The setting of Greywood Hall was a lovely one, especially combined with Rhia's passion for old estates and history in general. While occasionally the story seemed to be missing something, it has a nice romance story at its core. Overall, Monogamy Twist was an enjoyable romance read with a good storyline and two fascinating main characters; a read I enjoyed more and more as the story progressed. (JoH)

Rating 7/10


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