Momover - Dana Wood (2010)

This is a handbook for new moms to get their life back in order. The book is divided into three sections: (1) Getting it together mentally; (2) Getting it together physically and (3) Getting it together emotionally and spiritually. The book is very sympathetic to the hectic overwhelming life of a new mom. There are helpful hints from experts and other moms on everything from surviving the first few months postpartum to getting rid of the dreaded post-baby belly. As a mother of three young children myself, I was sceptical of a new mom handbook. Most guides seem to be written by either hippie granola moms or divas who will tell you that you need to get your size four body back immediately or you run the risk of your husband messing around with his secretary. This book, however, takes a middle-of- the-road realistic approach to helping a new mother. The author is the senior fashion features editor of W Magazine. Her blog is available at (AO)

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