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It Happened In Venice (2012)

Evie Dexter is happy to be back with her fiance Rob who cheated on her once but promises to never do it again. She is lucky to have a job as a tour guide which takes her to amazing destinations such as Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin and Venice as well as a totally drop-dead gorgeous and rock-solid friend Nikki, who is kind enough to give her a part-time job at his bar but cruel enough to make her work long hours. Rob wants her to quit her jobs, sell her flat and move in with him so they can spend more time together. She is not happy with the idea of giving up as a tour guide but she does want to move in with Rob and take things to another level. Just when she is considering the idea of putting her flat up for sale, she comes face to face with a lie Rob has told her. Devastated, she runs to mega tycoon John Jackson, who's not only her client but also a man who listened to her drunken confession when Rob cheated on her. John not only tries to talk her out of her post-break-up trauma but much to her delight showers her with expensive designer gifts and posh dinners. Evie is not sure if she can ever stop loving Rob and is toying with John's idea of getting him out of her system for good when her friends Tina and Nikki make a plan to keep her busy so that she gets no time to even think about forgiving him. This sequel to It Happened in Paris is packed with drama and beautiful locations. The writing is smart, funny and quirky. The protagonist may not come across as a particularly strong girl but she will still make you laugh, cry and totally love her. (SS)

It Happened in Paris (2011)

Evie Dexter is determined to change her career and become a tour guide in Paris. Unfortunately she has no experience nor does she even know much about France. With her witty humour and her skill in bluffing her way through her interview, she lands a job at Insignia Tours guiding up to 50 people to tour Paris for the weekend. But her first day doesn't get off to a good start when she forgets her passport and her much-needed supplies of make-up. Upon arriving at the train she meets Rob, the tour bus driver, and he helps guide her through Paris so she doesn't lose her job. Evie may find that this is the job of her dreams which comes with the man of her dreams. This is a hilarious tale about self-discovery and learning more about your strengths and weaknesses. Evie shows us how to have the drive and determination to make something work for you - even if you know nothing about it, whether that be a job, place or even man. It's a great debut from Molly Hopkins and I'm looking forward to the next one based in Venice. (CG)

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